Meesha believes in “Listening Lovingly”. Inspired by the women around who excel in their roles; as mothers or business women, she took every opportunity to learn from them. Each mentor was a fierce woman with fire, determination and a clear vision for their future.This empowered Meesha to dive deeper and discover how she wanted her path to look. 

With over 10 years of Management, Consulting and Marketing experience, working with leading North American companies Meesha thrives in one-on-one coaching. Through important and often difficult conversations, Meesha lifts her clients to uncover change- constructs customized plans, sets realistic goals and coaches them to completion.  Having worked hands-on with the Canadian Mental Health Association, she volunteered as a speaker and advocate for youth living with mental health. Meesha always understood that her voice has power and she has the skills and experience to jump start others into discovering their passions. She excels in coaching client, creating a clear vision of their goals and pathway.

As part of The EntrepenHER Collective, Meesha lovingly coaches women to find their purpose and assists them on their individual journey. She believes that when you are passionate about what you do, you not only do it well, but have the opportunity to authentically serve others in a profound way

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