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Janine is no stranger to adversity. In a world where people and businesses face countless demands, she has a history of reinventing herself to meet the challenges that life has thrown her way. For this reason, she provides a unique approach that guides her clients through their current obstacles and empowers them to handle future hurtles.

In the business world, Janine provides leaders and owners with the tools to create an environment of productivity and respect. Allowing employees to fully express their talents and abilities in a space committed to growth. 

With a focus on awareness, smart decision-making, and creative problem solving, Janine has been helping people and places for over 25 years. Her clients appreciate her honesty, strength and strategic thinking.

As a founding member of HER Collected, she brings her vision, organizational skills and fierce drive to push past obstacles and recognize the unbridled talent available. In forming HER, she’s fashioned a platform to cheer on all entrepreneurs who shine in their prospective fields and inspire others to fulfil their purpose.

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