5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Finances!

Updated: Mar 3

Taking control of my OWN FINANCES was one of the most difficult things for me to adjust to.

Granted, at the time, I had my parent's guidance, and honestly, they took over my finances almost to the point that they regulated how my paycheque was spent and saved. I was still fairly young in my financial career, but I did have a baseline to follow. It helped me create my own path when it came to money matters. Here are 5 of the most important rules that I followed religiously; to this day, I still do. I am also using these 5 steps to teach my two young children to learn these lessons so that when they spread their wings, they will be grounded and have a strong foundation to grow on.

  1. Be clear in your mind about why you need to change and why you want more control of your finances.

  2. Leave your credit cards at home.

  3. Put money into your savings after pay day-don’t wait until the end of the month, or there won't be anything left.

  4. Aim for a no-spend day once a week.

  5. When making an online purchase, leave your items in the basket for 24hrs, you might change your mind.

What does being in control of your finances mean? It’s a combination of understanding where you stand financially, spending less than you earn and having confidence in your ability to make financial decisions (with or without the help of a trusted financial professional) if you want to reduce stress and anxiety over your finances following these five steps.


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