Are You Ready To Get Financially Naked Before You Say "I DO"?

Updated: Mar 3

Talking about money can be uncomfortable. When the discussion finally arises, it can get downright heated!!

Talking about money is still taboo in many relationships, but the lack of communication can be toxic. If you and your partner can learn from each other, those little arguments triggered by mundane issues are more often from deeply rooted money issues.

Talk it out.

You must talk about money before your relationship becomes serious—a person's financial habits are an incredible insight into his values and ethics. That doesn't mean a lousy credit score is a reason to break up, but if you find that your new love interest doesn't handle money responsibly, you have to question what else he

isn't going to be upright about. If you're the one with the issues, be honest about your shortcomings. A good relationship is one in which each party helps t