Covid Care from a Distance. My Experience

Until now, I didn't have first-hand experience dealing with Covid. I knew Covid existed; first, it existed an ocean away, then it lived in a city away, and eventually, it existed in my home.

My Mother, Father, Brother, Grandmother, two Aunts, two Uncles, and four Cousins, that’s twelve in total, all contracted Covid-19 two days apart.

Within 24 hours, Covid infected my whole family. All of which are essential workers.

It took one person infected from work, and it spread throughout my entire family. I know what you are thinking; how could 12 people in 3 different households contract the same variant? It's not that hard. It only takes one person. One.

When I watch CP24 now, I hear breakdowns of the number of individuals infected; my family is one of those numbers. The little household that consists of my husband, two children and myself tested NEGATIVE. After experiencing what we’re going through, I was fortunate not to have contracted Covid, but I am still affected by it.

The feeling of helplessness is the worst part of seeing my family suffer. I was not able to take care of my elderly parents. My brother could barely get out of bed. My father was admitted into the hospital for four days and now requires physiotherapy from a fall.

There were times I clutched my husband at night and cried, praying for them. Praying so hard my teeth hurt, my hand clenched too tight while explaining to my children that their grandparents were sick and that we were limited on how we could help.

The sense of powerlessness is a deep dark hole. There is nothing you can do. My only refuge was sending my family food and water. But how helpful am I really if I cannot feed my parents, who were too weak to put a spoon to their mouths?

I called repeatedly, but the phone would go unanswered. We would drive by and stare into the window to make sure we saw signs of life. My nights were filled with fear and prayers that everyone would wake up in the morning.

At one point, my parents and brother were admitted into the hospital, at three completely different locations, throughout the city.

The stress of locating each family member was emotionally draining. My pain and fear consumed me. Day and night for two weeks, and it continues; because I still have an aunt and uncle in ICU.

The whole world is going thru this, I know. I am no different than other families out there. It desensitizes you in ways you cannot understand. You become numb to the sickness around you. Your mind and body go into survival mode. I was numb before my family contracted Covid because it was a world away. 'it won't happen to me,' 'there is no way we could get covid.' Covid is infectious, and it affects anybody and everybody regardless of who you are.

Just remember, it may not be you who gets sick; it may be worse; it may be someone you love. And to see them suffering, with absolutely no way of comforting them or helping them, is the real struggle. The human connection is so necessary for our society that it magnifies when someone needs care from another. You are unable to give them even the most essential thing like water.

My family is recovering from covid. I have been reminded that life is fragile and can be taken from you at any moment.

Please stay safe and make good choices during these frightful times.



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