Covid Care from a Distance. My Experience

Until now, I didn't have first-hand experience dealing with Covid. I knew Covid existed; first, it existed an ocean away, then it lived in a city away, and eventually, it existed in my home.

My Mother, Father, Brother, Grandmother, two Aunts, two Uncles, and four Cousins, that’s twelve in total, all contracted Covid-19 two days apart.

Within 24 hours, Covid infected my whole family. All of which are essential workers.

It took one person infected from work, and it spread throughout my entire family. I know what you are thinking; how could 12 people in 3 different households contract the same variant? It's not that hard. It only takes one person. One.

When I watch CP24 now, I hear breakdowns of the number of individuals infected; my family is one of those numbers. The little household that consists of my husband, two children and myself tested NEGATIVE. After experiencing what we’re going through, I was fortunate not to have contracted Covid, but I am still affected by it.

The feeling of helplessness is the worst part of seeing my family suffer. I was not able to take care of my elderly parents. My brother could barely get out of bed. My father was admitted into the hospital for four days and now requires physiotherapy from a fall.