Finding Your Way Back To Happiness!

Updated: Mar 27

Happiness cannot be defined in words. It is a state of mind having a feeling of contentment; it certainly will vary from day-to-day, moment-to-moment, but it can and should be a constant. The key to happiness is in all of our hands. We are the authors of our own destiny, and therefore,e we have the power to choose how we approach each day. We can choose our moods and feelings as desired. The degree and source of happiness may differ from person to person.

Self-awareness coupled with a healthy perspective is the only tool that can keep a person happy even when the shit hits the fan. I think we can all agree that we have seen some tough times in the past 12 months. Reflect on how you have been dealing with it. Where have you let circumstance determine your happiness? Being positive in the midst of adversity is empowering. Optimism is a factor in overcoming the trials and struggles life throws our way. It takes hard work to stay coarse; knowing that "this too shall pass" is no easy task.

During tough times releasing the notion that you have LOST or you are a loser is a must. The mere feeling of losing something can ruin not only your happiness but your life. Always remember that falling is not a failure; staying down is. Identify your mistakes, get up, dust yourself off and get going even with more tenacity.

Re-framing and shifting our thought patterns will help to do this. Never sit idle. Realize that everyone has the inner strength to move mountains; we all have our own unique superpower. What's yours? You're either going to utilize it or lose it by sitting idle. Decide the trajectory of your life and get going. Putting your best foot forward and keeping it moving will not give you the time to wallow in negative thoughts.

So, come get ya life and fulfil your dreams, Sis; the world is waiting for your greatness.

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