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Nowadays, most of us have the option of how we want to live and spend our money, so is it surprising to know that many choose to be frugal and stretch their money as much as possible?

Some people view frugal living as extreme; I personally don’t. I think it is in the middle of the road, somewhere between spending everything you make and saving everything you make. Frugal to me means enjoying your present-life but preparing for your future. What’s extreme about that?

I would never advocate for you to get a hundred coupon books, put 90% of your income into savings, and stop buying deodorant to save money. That’s not frugality; that’s insanity.

In one way or another, we are all a bit frugal; it just depends on how it shows up. For me, my frugality shines like a bright star in the shape of my car, oh my beloved 2004 silver Honda Civic. My university flying carpet, so to speak. Flying me from club to dorm to frat parties to my parent's home. It is my golden chariot. It has long ago been paid off, and it sits nestled quietly in my condo alleyway.

I still pride myself on the fact that I have never had an upgrade. Sixteen years later my Civic, with rust stains and pigeon poop adorned all over the windows, has become my city slicker golf cart. I can get from point A to B in my Civic and feel great that it still only takes 40 bucks to fill the tank. I actually own something without a monthly bill attached to it: entirely paid off and free of being indebted to a dealership.

Now I may walk out of my Silver Civic as if I was opening a can of sardines, by crank shifting the door handle, and the windows because it doesn’t have automatic windows ( my father’s doing when we bought the car because automatic windows would have driven the up the price, that must of been his way of being frugal), so arm workout windows it is.

If my husband had to choose how his frugality shined in his life, I would have to say it’s definitely NOT shining through his Car.

It technically is the family car. But let's be honest, if you know Mr. S, it’s really his CAR. My husband rides around the city in a Grey 550 BMW. A complete shrine to extravagance in my view opinion. Noted my kids prefer to ride in his car, Mr. S has worn the same wool jacket for the last 12 winters. At the same time, I have bought variations of different coats to fit my moods and occasions. It looks like Mr. S’s occasions seem always to fit this one outerwear.

We all view frugality in a different light; they will never be the same prism as one another. But take a moment to see what you are willing to pull back on and what are non-negotiable.

Here are 5 real habits of frugal people anyone can adopt. If you’re a big spender, start with slow, maybe one or two on the list, as you develop better spending (and saving) habits.


Want to know how to save money on clothes, shoes, electronics, makeup, or even meal kits? Sign up for a free Rakuten account, Optimum Points, to get cash back while shopping online or in-person at participating stores.

She Uses Rewards Cards!

Stop credit card debt and start reaping the rewards. If you’re going to spend, you might as well earn. One way is by using a credit card with built-in rewards to earn cash, points, travel perks, gas, dining, entertainment discounts, and more. But, the secret is to pay off those credit card bills every month to avoid paying interest.

She Automates Her Savings!

Setting up a regular, automatic transfer from your checking account to one of the best interest rate savings accounts you can find makes a difference.

She Budgets For Everything!

Do you know where your money is going? If you’re not sure how to budget, here are a few of HER favourite Online Budgeting apps.

Top 5 Budgeting Apps

  1. Mint

  2. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

  3. KOHO

  4. PocketSmith

  5. Wallet

Using these apps, you will be able to monitor your bank account; answer questions about your finances; suggest ways to save money; remind you about savings goals; alert you on low balances, and give you an at-a-glance view of spending habits.

She Has a Side Hustle!

What is your passion? What do you love to do?

Being a freelancer offers women several benefits:

Be your own Boss, Freedom, Flexibility, Extra cash, Multiple streams of income, Work from home.

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