How Are You Keeping It Real In This Fake Ass World?

Updated: Mar 3

Are we keeping it real? This is the question that came up at our most recent meeting. Loveleen and I, per usual, got off-topic and delved down this rabbit hole of how important it is to be real when everything feels so fake. Discussing what this means to us as individuals and for HER. We’re still playing with our esthetic; we want to create a balance between our messy selves and being professional, and since this week we missed the mark with a super polished story, we had to check ourselves with the help of a follower who implored us to “keep it real!”

Oftentimes we fear being too real will offend the “light of heart,” but oddly enough, we’ve received the best feedback from posts/blogs where we take the filter off. Living in a world that seems divisive and full of lies can be disheartening at best, so we’ve decided we owe it to everyone involved to be our authentic selves even when it’s not pretty.

On occasion, I think, what if being real gets us "cancelled" or if my past-self could damage my future self? Cancel culture will take your ill-informed and often ignorant opinions from decades past and take you down. I can safely say no one will be accusing me of masturbating in their presence, but not so sure that my past toxic traits did not damage someone enough to consider me a grade-A bitch, especially during the periods of 2000-2019 ish. Perhaps, I’m getting ahead of myself? In any case, keeping it real means being self-aware and growing.