How Speaking the Truth Will Help Your Financials

I am a firm believer that you can speak good into your life and existence. I've downloaded free apps that send me affirmations every hour. I tell myself I love you more often when looking into a mirror, and I also say the same thing to my money.

For the longest time, I wasn't honest with my finances or myself. I let negativity run rampant. But when I started speaking the truth, my truth, my whole being changed. And that can happen for you too.

Why speaking the truth will help you achieve financial wellness

Being honest with yourself regarding your finances is the first step you can take in achieving financial health. When you stop being in denial about your overall financial picture, you know what steps to take to get you where you need to be.

Sit down with yourself, a pen, and a piece of paper.

Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to be financially well.

After you've meditated on that, put pen to paper and start writing.

The first step to achieving any goal in life is to set the intention to recognize opportunities as they arise.

Speaking the truth will help you

get out of debt.

If you're someone who hides credit card bills from yourself, you're not alone. The average Canadian is $73,532 in debt According to Equifax Canada. Gen-X seems to be the most debt, making sense as many more people in their forties have a mortgage and kids versus someone just graduating college.

Debt can help you do beautiful things, like go to college or put a roof over your head. Debt can also have you feeling shame and leave you wondering how you're ever going to get out of it. It's essential to be honest with yourself about the amount of debt you're in because it's you who will tackle it. When you are honest, shame can no longer bind you. It's okay to say no to those happy hours with friends and yes to financial progress.

Speaking the truth to save more money

I am a firm believer in not being able to save what you don't earn. I also know that it's hard to save money when you have a lot going on. I have several savings goals written down on a chalkboard wall next to my desk as I type this. I look over and smile at the progress I've made on some, then quickly frown at the ones I haven't.

How to speak the truth to save more

Set aside one weekend to declutter your house. Make three piles for each of the following actions: donate, throw away, or sell. You can also put items you aren't sure what to do with aside and then stick them in a box to look at later. Now, look at all the things in your life that used to be money in your checking account.

We keep items that no longer serve us because they had monetary value at some point, but they no longer do. By looking at what you spend your money on, you'll now be in a better place to put up boundaries when it comes to your spending.

How to speak your truth to curb emotional spending

Start journaling. Buy a notebook or use up a random one you have laying around (not that I'm talking about myself) and set aside 10 minutes a day to start journaling. You can find a set of writing prompts online or even do it Dear Diary style. It's up to you, but this is a way to start getting your thoughts and emotions flowing onto paper and not your wallet.

Speaking the truth will help you feel empowered.

Speaking your truth in any area of your life is going to leave you feeling empowered.

I feel empowered when I speak my truth. It's hard at first because being honest with yourself is more complicated than being honest with others sometimes. But by keeping at it, you will feel so confident with yourself and your finances. You won't want to live any other way.

We promise you.

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