How To Pursue A Principled Approach To Wealth

Updated: Mar 3

Money isn’t everything. It’s not even in the top four—it's ranks miles behind family, health, friends, and spiritual values. An abundance of these four life dimensions constitutes true wealth. “To the richest man in the world from the wealthiest.”

We agree; one can be wealthy without being rich. Still, many “good” people dismiss the concept of financial success as an “unworthy” goal— perhaps even morally suspect.

Money, by itself, is neither good nor bad—it’s neutral. Money is an energy tool. Like a hammer, money can be used to build or to destroy. We believe that understanding money—making it, keeping it, and sharing it ethically—adds a positive dimension to wealth. Our lives, our relationships, and our happiness improve when we have enough money.

Money properly earned and combined with enlightened intentions will make the world a better place.

If you want to pursue a principled approach to wealth

FIRST, Do No Harm. Try to avoid any wealth-building activities that impoverish other people. Create only abundance, never scarcity. That means creating wealth in an ethical, honest, win/win manner.