Making God Laugh!

They say if you want to make God laugh, make a plan. Well, there must be delirium happening in heaven right now because all of our plans have gone to shit. It’s safe to assume that we all started this decade with plans to own it, but somewhere in the late parts of winter and early spring, Covid severely derailed our best decade ever!!!

This is certainly not going to be another think piece on how much Covid sucks, especially for those of us living in Ontario; it goes without saying. This is, however, a focus on the importance of being agile in the midst of our planning. There is a fine line between going with the flow and planning everything to the “T,” and we need to know the difference both in business and life. My life certainly did not work out how I imagined it, but it is the life that I have, and I'm grateful. If I stuck to the “life plan” that my early self developed, I can honestly say I would be in a loveless marriage and soul-sucking career.

The person I was then thought I would be married at 25, get my master’s in social work, live in a beautiful home in the suburbs of Toronto and have 1.5 children. While pursuing this goal somewhere between dating THE perfect boyfriend in high school and working on my BSW, I abandoned both. I am thankful for having the courage to do so. I know of people who stuck to their plan relentlessly regardless of the red flags—resulting in a great deal of pain and heartache.

I attribute my courage to being an outsider, knowing I would never fit what the mainstream perceived as intelligent, beautiful it seemed natural to abandon them when they stopped working for me. Add a dash of commitment phobia and stubbornness, and you've got the perfect recipe for going against the grain. Don't get me wrong, there certainly was pressure from my family to “settle down,” but the above attributes weren’t having it.

The 4 Key things I learned about pursuing my goals are: