Once you get ‘WOKE’ you can never go back. Nor should you!

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By Janine Bowen

We’re halfway through 2020 and what an unbelievable 6 months it has been. When the reality of the COVID-19 virus hit and the lockdowns began, no one could have predicted the social movement that would erupt.

For decades, the Black community has fought systemic racism and police brutality with very little traction. WHY?! Well, no one was listening. The Black Lives Matter movement was demonized. Their message got lost in the noise of people's willful ignorance. With the distraction of life, it was easily dismissed.


There is something magical that happens when we get quiet. This is a fundamental truth in meditation. You can listen to your inner voice and the voices of others. #GeorgeFloyd’s cries for help were heard “I CAN’T BREATHE”! This is the metaphoric cry Black people have been shouting out for centuries. Oppression is heavy. It is a mental, financial, physical and emotional ball and chain that each and every BIPOC person carries in varying degrees their entire life.

Quarantine forced us to become QUIET! In that quiet place, the Black voices were finally heard.

The Burden of Being WOKE!

I have a friend who successfully completed his ally-ship many years ago. He now mentors his own young ally. We have often spoken of the burden of being WOKE, because once you actually open your eyes and see... you can never ignore it again. There is a new path that lies ahead for the newly woken. You will start to see the micro aggression of the bigots, the danger of “jokes”, the gaslighting of victims and it will be your duty to call that shit out. The challenges are still ahead. When people you may hold dear show you parts of themselves that make you question their motives, that will be your test. Will you pass or fail, only you will know.

The Butterfly Effect

When the caterpillar stops and spins itself into a cocoon it must break down its body before it can transform into a beautiful butterfly. This is the process that we are witnessing. White people are looking at themselves at their own bias, privilege and actions. Self awareness is a difficult journey, but the rewards are so great. The prospect of a just, safe and equal world is worth it! It will be the dream come true that MLK mapped out 57 years ago!

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