Serenity Now!!

Updated: Apr 21

This week has been trying at best; between our 3rd lockdown in Ontario and the personal struggles that both myself and Loveleen endured, I have to say I'm over it. When I look at the news and hear that only one-third of the Canadian population is vaccinated and the Covid variant is spreading like wildfire, the light we thought was at the end of the tunnel seems dim.

What now?

My friends, that's a great question, and I don't have an answer, and chances are, nor do you. Not having an answer feels like the bulk of the problem and lends itself to feelings of helplessness, frustration and fatigue. No one is interested in a Mary Poppins toxic positivity approach right now. What we want is to be MAD! Every single person I have talked to is fed up with the government, the anti-maskers, you name it, they are expressing their outrage, and we should.

To move forward, we must look at all our feelings. Not glaze over them or be polite. Acknowledge them; analyze them, and move on. You can not stay in the space of anger or frustration; it's stagnant and doesn't allow for growth or healing.

The pandemic has affected us all in different ways; for me, it has affected me financially. As a single person, it has left me feeling vulnerable, scared and my anxiety is currently a 10/10. I am a 1 1/2 income household. The half has disappeared. Yes, I do have it better than some, and I am grateful for still being employed. That doesn't change the level of difficulty or the choices I have to make to maintain.