Spenders VS. Savers.

Updated: Mar 3

In this world, there are two types of people, Spenders & Savers.

These two categories are seen in your relationship, your family, your country's economy, pretty much all around the world (all the bid stuff, right!?!?!?).

You may know exactly who you are, but before you say, “yeah, yeah, I’m a {spender/saver},” take a moment to read this. I was shocked when I found out about myself, and it has completely changed how I approach my financial decisions.


A total budget nerd keeps track of all the bills at home, devises a debt payoff plan, meal plans to save money and keeps the whole family accountable.

Would you say they are a spender or a saver?



Completely uninterested in budgeting ignores bills until the last minute, thinks debt will get paid off eventually and never talks about money.

Would you say they are a spender or a saver?

Chances are you are guessing Person 1 is a saver and Person 2 is a spender.

What if I told you you’re totally wrong?! Can you believe it? How do I know you’re wrong? These people I have just described are real. Person 1 is me, and Person 2 is my husband. Before understanding the differences between spenders and savers, I would have agreed that I should be categorized as the saver. However, now that I know I’m really the spender, it has completely changed how I look at our finances and the decisions I have made for our family budget.

Once you know which one you are, you can understand your internal driving force for certain decisions you make and better predict your behaviour (this allows you to correct bad behaviour!).


Each person has good and bad qualities. These characteristics just made a total light bulb go off for me because I thought I was a saver for the longest time. Boy, was I wrong! Read on to see if you are what you think you are.


  • Spenders are incredibly generous people. They love to give, even if it means the shirt off their own back. They don’t hesitate for a second to give to others.

  • Spenders are not concerned with holding onto money. They don’t feel stressed out trying to build up their savings. They don’t worry about money.

  • Spenders only value money because of the experiences it can bring them. Spenders use money as a way to achieve the entertainment in life they desire.

  • Spenders tend to make decisions on savings. They often lack self-control and self-discipline when it comes to money.

  • Spenders end up with nothing to show for all of their hard work. You will often see spenders with an empty bank account, and they haven’t paid their electric bill yet. They hope they will be able to cover their most recent purchase before the payment bounces.


  • Savers are extremely patient people. They know the path to wealth is slow and steady. They have the patients to work on long-term investments and not become bored with it.

  • Savers are very responsible and practice self-control. This eliminates impulse purchases and creates the habit of curbing unnecessary spending. They understand debt will be a hindrance, and they avoid it at all costs.

  • Savers look to the future, set goals and continue to learn all they can about finances. They use long-term goals as motivation and continue to study money management to make better decisions.

  • Savers are penny-pinchers, verging on being stingy people. They can often be mistaken for being greedy because they are trying to save as much money as possible in any way they can.

  • Savers have trouble spending or even giving. They struggle with charitable giving and gifts for others. They often would prefer to donate their time instead of their money.

You may have read through this and realized you have some qualities from both spending and saving. That’s okay! I totally do too, but at your core, you are definitely one of these types of people.

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