We Hear You, Meghan!

Updated: Mar 27

I am not usually interested in the Royals; I was, however, fond of Princess Diana and recalled being deeply saddened by her loss. You would have to live under a rock not to have been drawn into the recent Oprah Winfrey interview with Harry & Meghan. Admittedly, I only watch the highlights on YouTube; what amazed me was the fallout afterward and how "shocked" everyone seems to be by the interview allegations. Diana and Fergy had expressed to the world how horrible it was in the royal family; now you want to add elements of race and competition into the mix.

Sis! What did you expect?

Colourism is real!

Unfortunate but true, no person of colour is surprised by the inquiry as to how dark baby Archie would be. Shit, we hear it in our own families. God forbid someone in your family marries a person deemed too dark. All the Aunties will talk about the skin colour and hair texture of the potential children.

Colourism, a direct result of colonialism, ironically, plagues many cultures; it is defined as "prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically people of the same ethnic or racial group."

For me, the most disturbing thing about this whole ordeal was Pierce Morgan. His visceral attack and the Royal Couple were sickening. He used gas-lighting techniques to downplay Archie's skin colour inquiry in true oppressor fashion, liking them to innocent curiosities. I ask, why would it matter and more importantly, why would that ever be a question one would expect uttered out loud?

He completely dismissed THEIR experience; because it didn't fit his HIS narrative, I think we call that victim-blaming. No?

His berating of Meghan became uncomfortable to watch for the audience and his colleagues. He stood fast in the facts that she was wrong about her son not being given a title, as it went against some monarchy mumbo jumbo, as justification for dismissing her mental health crisis. Not sure about you, but when I am under great distress or feel persecuted, the logic of a situation is far-reaching, let alone being alone in a castle surrounded by people whom you have deemed the enemy, queue the British Tabloids.

It's almost laughable that he hid behind the monarchy to vindicate his bruised ego and misogyny. Finding out that he and Megan went on a date, and later that night, she met an actual prince and never called Pierce again made his disdain for her clearer. He’s that guy! Ladies, we all know him, the guy who thinks you owe him something because he bought you a drink. The guy who trashes you and calls you a bitch if you reject him. The guy you have to tell "I have a boyfriend," so he'll leave you alone.

Women don’t owe you anything!

It appears all the venom Morgan has is fueled by rejection, not actual loyalty to the monarch.

Like everything that has happened in the past year, I hope this interview's events and the continued fallout are a catalyst for change. I want it to shine a light in the dark places that covert racism/bigotry and misogyny live. It doesn’t always have to be a burning cross on the front lawn or your boss’s hand on your ass. It’s the “innocent” questions or the character assassinations for no tangible reasons that go unchecked.

Lastly, for those suffering from mental health issues, I want you to know that everyone is vulnerable, even a Princess; you are not alone, and there is help.

For all of these reasons, Meghan, we hear you & we believe you!

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