What My MOM Taught Me!

Updated: May 10

Since starting the learning journey and sharing more about my Indian heritage, I've gotten an influx of questions about my upbringing. Some would say that I'm not the typical Indian female that is represented in the media or elsewhere. I would argue about the importance of expressing individuality, I agree with some aspects of expressing my culture.

My upbringing was like any child in a South Asian family. My parents had expectations, and I had to meet them. Being female was an added layer of stress because I come from a family with layers of conservatism, and my parents felt obliged to accept them. With that came lots of moments of frustration, but I persevered and eventually learned how to adapt. My relationship with my mom evolved into a friendship as well, and we were able to communicate, understand, and learn from one another.

Spending time together made me realize how much I learned from her. I carry those lessons with me today. Most of what she passed down were teachings from Indian Folktales and what her mother taught her. With that being said, I thought it would be interesting to share the things my Indian mom taught me because I'm sure you'll see similarities with the principles you grew up with!

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