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What's Fear Gotta Do With It? Everything!

On your journey to facing your fears and living your life purposefully, you must explore how fear shows up in your day-to-day life.

Fear can manifest in many different ways. Sometimes we don't recognize it for what it is because we are too close to the problem. For you to move forward, let's look at six ways fear can present in your life:

1. Procrastination: Fear can lead to procrastination, as people may avoid taking action on their goals out of fear of failure or the unknown.

2. Avoidance: People may avoid situations or activities that trigger their fears, such as public space speaking or social events or posting themselves on social.

3. Negative Self-talk: Fear can lead to negative self-talk, as people may doubt their abilities or worthiness to achieve their goals.

4. Physical Symptoms: Fear can also manifest as physical symptoms, such as sweating, trembling, or an increased heart rate.

5. Perfectionism: Fear of failure can lead to perfectionism, as people may strive for unattainable standards in order to avoid making mistakes.

6. Control: Fear can also lead people to try to control every aspect of their lives as a way to minimize the potential for adverse outcomes.

As you can see, fear can show up in many different ways. The first step in taking action is being self-aware. Recognize the signs of how you are expressing fear. Once identified, you can start the process of overcoming your fears and living the life you deserve.

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